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Imitates the original gas lamp look with fish-tail flame
Works for both LP and Natural gas applications


GAS TYPE: LP Gas and Natural Gas

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General Description

Brass Open Flame Burner

For Natural or LP Gas Lamps

Open Flame burners have a warm, flickering light that creates a dramatic ambiance for any outdoor entertainment space.

Open Flame Burner Advantages:

  • Imitates the original gas lamp look with a warm, flickering fish-tail flame
  • Adds drama and romance to any outdoor setting, entrance or walkway
  • Reliable and secure. Works even when your power goes out keeping your outdoor areas lit.
  • Low-maintenance operation

Lighting Instructions

Proper Lighting Procedure for Open Flame Burners

STEP 1 | Remove the glass by lifting from the bottom with a forefinger, pulling out slightly, and lowering. NOTE: Proper combustion is essential. Do not obstruct air inlet or outlet vents.
STEP 2 | Use a screwdriver to slowly turn the gas ON and hold a match up to the burner. When lit, turn the gas on full.
STEP 3 | Replace the glass by fitting the top edge into the frame top, holding the glass against the tabs inside the frame. Allow the glass to slide into the frame bottom.



Perform these simple maintenance tasks to keep your open flame lamps operating smoothly.

  • Periodically remove glass panels and clean with hot soapy water or glass cleaner
  • Remove debris at least twice per year. Removing debris will improve the performance by enhancing the airflow around the burner.
  • Clean the open flame burner tip at least twice per year. Run a piece of fine dental floss or use a wire brush to remove any debris or soot that’s settled in the burner tip.
  • Adjust the flame by inserting a flat head screwdriver through the valve access hole in the collar of the lamp. Turn the valve slowly to adjust the height and shape of the flame. Be careful not to turn the valve too fast or too far. This can cause the flame to extinguish. If the flame extinguishes, turn the valve to the OFF position and re-light.

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