• Many of The Holland Grill Models


SIZE: 23″ x 14-1/2″

UPC NUMBER: 097524199556

OEM #’s: HGP160000, AG4-281, SS3-600
This MHP product is designed to be a replacement for The Holland Grill OEM # listed above.

To ensure you choose the correct replacement part for your grill, we recommend removing the original part and comparing it to what we list. You can also check your owner’s manual to make sure this part will work with your grill.


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Drip pans are designed to shield food from direct contact with the flame, help to reduce flare-ups, and provide consistent heat.

  • Aluminum drip pan replacement is designed to fit a variety of The Holland Grill models
  • Constructed of 18 gauge sheet aluminum
  • Drip pan measures 23″ x 14-1/2″
  • American-Made

Commonly used with:


Some grease and other drippings can add flavor to the cooking experience but you should keep large amounts of grease, food residue, and other build-ups, off of the drip pan. Luckily, the maintenance is pretty simple.

Drip Pan Maintenance

With the cooking grid removed, we recommend using our Stainless Steel Scraper (SDDPS) that has been designed specifically for cleaning our replacement drip pans or a 3-inch putty knife to scrape any build-up from the surface of the drip pan. Scrape it down towards the drain channel until all the debris is accumulated in the channel. You don’t have to scrape the drip pan down to its shiny surface. Just scrape enough to clear the build-up. Using the stainless steel scraper (SDDPS) or a 1-1/2″ putty knife, scrape all of the debris out of the drain channel and discard it. It is important to keep the drain channel clear to give you maximum heating performance and reduce flare-ups.

Drain Pipe Maintenance

Finally, you will need to occasionally clear the drain pipe to make sure the dripping can run freely out into your drain bucket (SDGB). If you notice grease accumulating in the drip pan and it’s not running into the grease bucket either your drain valve is not open or the drain pipe is clogged. Don’t attempt to clear the clog while the grill is hot! Once the grill is cooled, we recommend removing the cooking grid and running a rod down through the pipe drain to clear out any build-up.

After you finish these easy tasks, use paper towels to wipe off any excess grease from the edges of the grill. Replace the cooking grid and you’re ready to go.

THE HOLLAND GRILL is a trademark of their respective owners.  Modern Home Products Corp. is not affiliated with this company.

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AG4-281, HGP160000, SS3-600

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