UPC NUMBER: 097524201778

OEM #: SG4-910
This MHP product is designed to be a replacement for The Holland Grill OEM # listed above.

Commonly used with:

To ensure you choose the correct replacement part for your grill, we recommend removing the original part and comparing it to what we list. You can also check your owner’s manual to make sure this part will work with your grill.


Check out MHP’s full line of available replacement parts compatible with many of The Holland Grill products.

Commonly used with:

The drip pan catches all the drippings and prevents them from catching fire. The drip pan pipe is what is used to move the grease from the drip pan to the Drip Bucket.

Drip Pan/Tray. Pipe & Valve


Installing your New Drip Pan Pipe

  • Install the drip pan pipe into the female threaded coupling in the right end of the drip pan. Tighten with pliers or pipe wrench.
  • Carefully set the drip pan into the grill bottom using the lift tabs at each end. Line up the drip pan pipe with the hole in the grill bottom making sure the pipe extends out bottom and drip pan is sitting level in the brackets.
  • Install the Drip Pan/Tray valve onto the drip pan pipe. Hand-tightening only is sufficient. DO NOT TIGHTEN WITH WRENCH OR PLIERS!
  • Place your cooking grid into the grill.


Maintaining your New Drip Pan Pipe:

Maintaining your drip pan pipe is important to ensure that your grill continues to operate safely and efficiently.

  • Remove the cooking grid to expose the Drip Pan/Tray
  • Clear both the opening to the Drip Pan Pipe and the Drip Pan/Tray Valve of food particles and grease/drippings.
  • Using a 1/4″ steel rod, clear the drain pipe of any build-up by running the steel rod through the pipe.
  • Towel off any excess grease with a paper towel. Now is a good time to also wipe off any excess grease from the edges of the grill and around the vents.
  • Replace your cooking grid and you are ready to go

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