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DISCONTINUED PRODUCTS Here is our listing of products that have been discontinued. Where applicable, we have added a link to an appropriate replacement. ACCESSORIES CB1 Spit Basket (Basket Only) CB1H Spit Basket with Handle CB1HA Spit Basket Handle (Handle Only) GT5 11" Round Wok GT2 Grill Topper MH4B Rotisserie Forks PZST13 Ceramic Pizza

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BBQ Spice Rub

The sweet and smokey flavor of this BBQ spice rub works well on everything from grilled chicken to smoked brisket or ribs. Easy to make and can be stored in a jar or airtight container for future use. BBQ Spice Rub 1/4 cup Brown Sugar2 tbsp Smoked Paprika1 tbsp Chipotle

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Defrosting Meats Quickly and Safely

You need to grill up something quickly but the idea of foodborne illness does not help your appetite. A slow thaw in your refrigerator is the ideal way to defrost steaks but there are times that just does not fit into your schedule. Here are some ways to defrost the safe way.

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MHP SearMagic Infrared Side Grill

MHP Stainless Steel Infrared Sear Zone designed to turn your MHP Grill into a Complete Grilling System Enhance your grill with this premium accessory that has been designed specifically for our MHP grills with quality materials and craftsmanship Highlighted Product Features SearMagic Grids are high-performance, rust-free, anodized aluminum cooking grids (see below for

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