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Grill Maintenance

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How to Replace Your Phoenix Burner

Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Replace your OBSPH34 Phoenix Burner REMOVAL OF OLD BURNER Step 1:Remove your cooking grid and set aside  Step 2:Remove your grease bucket and unscrew the drain valve from the end of your drain pipe Step 3:Pull your drip pan out from your grill and set aside Step 4:Unscrew the

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Burner Maintenance

Maintaining your Stainless Steel H Burner Many people think that stainless steel will never rust. However, rust can form on stainless steel gas grill burners for several different reasons. Because burners operate at such high temperatures (typically 300 to 650 degrees Fahrenheit) and are subject to drippings from cooking meat (corrosive due

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What is Causing My SearMagic Grids to Warp?

There are several benefits to owning a grill with the SearMagic Cooking Grids Our SearMagic Grids are made of Anodized Aluminum. Anodized materials have an extremely long life span and do not chip or peel. This material has been used to protect satellites from the harsh environment of space, to harden automotive

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How to Clean Your SearMagic Grids

Dirty grids are a sign of a well-used grill but they can also diminish your grills performance. With a little TLC, you can keep your grill and your SearMagic grids performing their best for many years. Our SearMagic Grids are made of Anodized Aluminum. Anodized materials have an extremely long

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Infrared Burner Maintenance

MAINTAINING YOUR INFRARED BURNERS What is an Infrared Burner? Infrared Burners look very different from traditional gas grill burners. Instead of the typical oval or "H" shape, Infrared burners are large rectangular boxes that are considered the burner housing. This housing is topped with ceramic tiles that have thousands of small ports

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Stainless Steel Care and Cleaning

CLEANING THE EXTERIOR OF YOUR GRILL All exposed stainless steel surfaces require special attention if you want to keep them looking clean and bright. Following these simple instructions will help avoid scratching or damaging the finish and keep your stainless steel attractive. Clean Thoroughly clean stains, food, and grime using

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How to Clean Venturi Tubes to Prevent Flashbacks

In some areas of the country, spiders or small insects have been found to create "flashback" problems. The spiders spin webs and/or insects build nests in the grill's venturi tube(s). The web and/or nests can lead to gas flow obstruction which results in a "flashback"—a fire in the venturi tube(s). The grill may still

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