Grill Replacement Parts

There is nothing as all-American as summertime barbecues that include grilled hotdogs, hamburgers, brats and grilled veggies. No doubt we love our grills, but what happens when something goes wrong?

More and more consumers, having spent hundreds—or dare I say thousands—on a new grill, are looking to repair it rather than replace it every few years. In 2016, about 1.47 billion dollars worth of grills were sold in the United States (Statista, January 2019). The average lifespan of new grates and flavorizer bars is about five years for grills that are used regularly but kept up and falls to only three years if they are neglected. This means there is an abundance of grills needing parts and service out there today. With the cost of quality gas grills going up year after year, most consumers would rather keep those grills working properly without needing to buy a new grill.  If you’re like me, your grill is like a valued member of the family. You know exactly how to prepare each meal on that grill to perfection, and no one understands it quite like you. The thought of going out and trying to find a replacement can be overwhelming and heartbreaking. In order to keep these grills working properly they require quality exact fit or universal fit aftermarket replacement parts.

Grills found in landfills

Grills found in local landfills can be brought back to life with quality replacement parts and a little elbow grease.

Here is another interesting trend. There is an overall movement across the country to “up cycle” or “fix it and flip it”. Just turn on HGTV and you will understand what I mean. With the increased popularity of Craigslist, garage sales and virtual marketplaces, many consumers are buying up high-end grills that have seen better days. With a few parts and some elbow grease, they are getting a high-end grill that still has plenty of barbecue parties left under its belt—at a much lower price. In addition, by keeping broken or beat-up grills out of landfills, restoring grills is not only cost-effective, it is environmentally friendly. You might consider offering restored/refurbished grills in your store or even a trade-in program. A trade-in program can turn into a win-win. You make a new grill more attractive to potential buyers with the trade-in offer, then, with a little elbow grease of your own you have a beautifully restored grill to sell. Some consumers may not be able to afford a new grill, but a restored grill might be within their budget.

Tom Koziol, President of MHP Grill Parts

Tom Koziol, President of MHP Grill Parts

Many consumers are looking for grill assembly, seasonal maintenance and repairs when needed—all things a brick-and-mortar store can offer. For those consumers that want to DIY the maintenance and repairs, you can offer them the parts to get the job done. While MHP is a one-stop-shop for gas grills and lighting, it also offers one of the most comprehensive lines of quality aftermarket replacement parts for most grill brands since 1978. Tom Koziol, president of MHP Grill Parts, states “We are constantly researching industry needs, improving existing products and introducing new products year after year. We have experienced a steady increase in part sales over the past 4 years so we know that the need for good quality aftermarket replacement parts is growing in demand.” The items that need to be replaced most often on a gas grill include; heat plates, ceramic briquettes, cooking grates, burners and ignitors. Offering these parts is a great way to boost sales and let your consumers know you are their partner for the lifetime of the grill. They can come to you for their new purchases but also see you as the expert after the initial sale has been made.

If you are looking to improve sales during slow periods, increase foot traffic in your stores or develop an ongoing relationship with your consumers after the initial grill sale, consider adding grill replacement parts to your business. Partnering with MHP Grill Parts gives you the confidence of reliability, quality and excellent customer service. Bob Stacek, Owner of My Grill Cleaner, has seen an increase in his BBQ cleaning and service business in recent years. “Refurbishing is becoming a larger and growing part of our business. Rust and weather are the biggest problems in our Chicago location while age-related failures are prominent in our Tucson location.” He goes on to say, “We buy all our parts from MHP Grill parts because of dependability, selection and service. Any issues or questions have always been met with a willingness and desire to help solve the problem at hand by all at MHP.”

Now is the perfect time to turn “cabin fever” into grill replacement parts and accessory sales. Contact your sales representative for more information on MHP Grill Parts full line of quality aftermarket replacement parts.