Outdoor Living Area

Looking to increase your sales? Outdoor living may be the answer.


ProFire DLX on Patio

A built-in ProFire DLX makes a great statement in any outdoor living area.

Changing your perspective about what you sell could be the answer to increasing your sales. The outdoor living market is expanding steadily, with sales of outdoor living-related products expected to grow 5.0% per year on average through 2021. Focusing on outdoor living on the whole, instead of a singular product category or line, can open the doors to many different products including grills, outdoor lighting, fire pits, fire tables, and more. People are looking to spend more time outside—even in parts of the country where cold winter months keep most people indoors—and want to create comfortable and usable outdoor entertainment areas. An outdoor kitchen makes outdoor cooking, dining, and cleanup easy, and for outdoor entertaining it’s bound to impress friends and family. Good lighting is a must along with a grill that gives them the freedom to grill what they want—from burgers and steaks to rotisserie chicken and smoked meats.  It is important to note that many people who already own a grill are eager to invest in a second one that can handle larger events or provide a different flavor profile.

So, how do you accomplish this?

Picking the right manufacturer that not only offers products that fulfill multiple categories but also builds quality products they stand behind, is a great place to start. Placing larger orders with one manufacturer leads to freight efficiencies, volume discounts, and reliable product inventory levels. Building a great relationship with your supplier can be a great give and take too. You tell them what you are hearing from the consumers and they can offer you products, or develop a program, to help you meet those needs.

Educating your sales staff is important too. They need to be able to talk about all the product lines you offer easily and professionally. Become the expert. Many consumers may only think of you for one item–let them know how you can help them complete their outdoor entertainment area.

Offering product demonstrations is a great way to show off what you offer in a real-world way. It is one thing to say your product does something—it is another when your customers see it in action— allowing them to envision using the product themselves. Set up displays showing a vignette of what they could put in their backyard. Most people are visual when it comes to setting up a space. The easier it is for them to see it makes it easier for them to purchase it. This is also a great way to introduce an item they did not know about or did not consider until they saw it.