How to clean SearMagic Grids

Dirty grids are a sign of a well-used grill but they can also diminish your grills performance. With a little TLC, you can keep your grill and your SearMagic grids performing their best for many years.

Our SearMagic Grids are made of Anodized Aluminum. Anodized materials have an extremely long life span and do not chip or peel. This material has been used to protect satellites from the harsh environment of space, to harden automotive racing parts against friction and heat, as well as for display cases, coolers, and products used in the food industry—such as our SearMagic grids. While the material is meant to withstand there are still a few maintenance/cleaning tips to keep your grids performing their best.

Cleaning the Grids On the Grill

A good time to gently clean or wipe your grids is while the grill is heating up before each use. Using the wood scaping tool (GGWB5) or a brass bristle brush (GGWB10) remove any leftover food particles or other debris. We do not recommend doing a high heat burn off with SearMagic grids as this tends to bake on the debris rather than burn it off. Instead, get into the habit of rotating, or flipping your SearMagic grids to the smooth side up/ribbed side down. The benefits of doing this are two-fold. With the smooth side up you will have an area on your grill that can be used for vegetables, fish and more delicate items. While the ribbed side down allows for debris in the channels to burn off during grilling.


GGWB5 Wood Scraping Tool


GGWB10 Brass Bristle Brush

Steaming grill brushes have become popular and work well when used occasionally for a good cleaning. However, go easy on the amount of water used because too much water on a hot SearMagic grid could warp them. If you do not have one of the new steam-style grill brushes you can simulate the results by using a spray bottle with water during warm-up to lightly mist your grids then clean with a standard brass bristle brush.

WarningPlease use caution and wear protective gear for your hands when using any type of steam on your grill.

Cleaning the Grids Off the Grill

From time to time, you will want to remove your SearMagic grids and do a more thorough cleaning—especially after marinades and sauces have burned and collected in the valleys, or after the SearMagic Grids have seen months of continuous use!

When the grids are cold soak them in a sink or tub filled with hot water and a grease-cutting dish soap like Dawn or Simple Green. This will soften the debris enough so you can easily remove it with a nylon scrub pad. Do not use harsh cleaners that would require you to wear gloves. The chemicals can potentially react with the aluminum and cause it to pit.

Use a nylon scrubby pad on the raised rails, which will come clean with little effort. All other surfaces will blacken and become part of the seasoning so sink cleaning should be done only occasionally to preserve the seasoning.

WarningIMPORTANT: Over time, it is normal for color change (bronze to black) to occur on these aluminum grids.


Easy Off is not meant for use on aluminum as it can cause pitting, discoloration and may void your warranty.

Do Not Use a Steel Wire Brush on your SearMagic GridsDO NOT USE A STEEL WIRE BRUSH OR STEEL WOOL
This can gouge and pit your grids shortening their lifespan and voiding your warranty.