Grease residue/build-up on your grill lid


This is a question that we receive on a regular basis. As much as the photo resembles the look of peeling paint, MHP has never painted the inside of our grill castings. This is actually carbon & grease residue that builds up over time.

Here are quick maintenance steps to help you get rid of this build up.

  • Scrape off loose flakes with a putty knife.
  • Once loose flakes are removed, lightly scrub over the area with a balled up piece of tin foil.

To take the cleaning process a little further…

  • Remove the top casing and soak it in hot water & Dawn dish soap.
  • After soaking, scrub casting clean with a nylon mesh scrunchy pad and rinse.

With a few household items and little elbow grease, you will be back to grilling in no time!

Scrape grease buil-up from lid with a putty knife

The first step to removing the grease build-up is to gently scrape the lid a putty knife.