Hot Tips for Easy Grilling

Three easy steps to get you grilling your best this season. With a little pre-grilling maintenance and some planning ahead your next family dinner or party can be a stress-free event.


For the best sear and most accurate timing preheating your grill is a must. It can take up to 20 minutes for the grill to get to your desired temperature so plan ahead.

Wondering what temperature is best for what you are grilling? Check out our information on suggested grill temperatures and times.


Don’t underestimate the importance of this step. Food will release from clean grates more readily. After grilling (while grates are still hot), scrape off any cooked-on bits.

For more specific details on how to clean your grates, view these quick articles.


Flare-ups are temporary upsurges of flame that result from fat dripping onto hot surfaces or briquettes. All MHP grills have either self-cleaning briquettes, flavor plates or drip pans that help to reduce the chance of flare-ups. Brief flare-ups are normal and usually do not require any action. If one lasts for more than a couple of seconds, carefully move your food and close the lid to kill the flames. DO NOT USE WATER. Flare-ups are a grease fire and using water can increase the flames.

Trimming excess fat off your meats can reduce the chance of flare-ups. If marinating, make sure that it is not dripping off your food, especially if the marinade is mostly oil.